Anglo-Turkish Society

Dr David Shankand, RAI & University of Bristol talk on 'The Alevis', for the Anglo-Turkish Society, at the Royal Anthropological Institute, 50 Fitzroy Street, London on 22 April 2015. David Shankland, the lecturer is a director of the Royal Anthropological Institute. This talk looked back on twenty-five years research conducted by the speaker amongst the Alevis of Anatolia, outlining the basic tenets of their form of social life, and ways that it has changed over these decades. Thoughts will be offered for discussion with regard to the future, in particular in the context of the globalisation of the Alevi community, and the emergence of a series of trans-national discourses concerning their community, both in Europe and further afield.

From left: Sir Kieran Prendergast (Chairman), Dr David Shankand, Gaye Fairbairn, Colin Fairbairn.