Anglo-Turkish Society

Pat Yale gave a lecture for the Anglo-Turkish Society, at the Royal Anthropolical Institute, London on 8 February 2016 with the title The 'In the footsteps of Gertrude Bell'. Pat Yale is a travel author based in Turkey. This lecture accompanies a projected book on this subject and is happy to hear from prospective publishers.
The explorer, archaeologist and writer Gertrude Bell is best known for her travels in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia but as a young woman she spent a lot of time in what is now Turkey. In 2015 Pat Yale set out to retrace her steps round the country, a journey that took her from a wonderful English garden in Izmir to the new world heritage site gardens of Diyarbakir, and from the forgotten ruins of Blaundos to the battered remnants of ancient Dara, near Mardin. - flyer - Pat Yale's website:

Pat Yale at Binbirkilise, central Anatolia
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